Wanderlust Fashion Show – 2nd and 3rd Year Ryerson Fashion Collections–Part1

Press Release: http://www.ryerson.ca/news/events/General_Public/20110413_wanderlust.html

Ryerson’s School of Fashion 2nd & 3rd Year fashion collections.  First 3 scenes, more to come

Scene 1 – 4th+ Pacific

_DSC5296Erin Holman        _DSC5300Aliza Rizvi

_DSC5307Meghan Erin        _DSC5313Victoria Yonu Kwon

_DSC5318Alyssa Alilepala  _DSC5324Chloe Alexander


Scene 2 – Krieg

_DSC5338Samantha Rice       _DSC5341Hayon Chang
_DSC5348Michelle Roberts  _DSC5353Alexandra Boultzi
_DSC5357Cheri Chen


Scene 3 – Knotical

_DSC5371Juhyun Oh     _DSC5384Andra Bogdan
_DSC5386 Sisi Jiang       _DSC5394Louise Yu
_DSC5402Jessica Tep


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