Seneca’s 2011 Redefining Design Fashion Show–Part 3

Press Release:

From Seneca College School of Fashion 2011 graduating class.  This is the third set of 12 designers, one more set to come.

Designer: Shradhdha Mehta


Designer: Kayla Holm-Laursen


Designer: Jade Holliss


Designer: Merdana Muhic


Designer: Suzanne Mosquera


Designer: Ayesha Madden


Designer: Jing Ding


Designer: Aman Khan


Designer: Julie Jenkinson


Designer: Kim Branchaud


Designer: Krisztina Cseh


Designer: Yana Popova


The last part is here,


2 thoughts on “Seneca’s 2011 Redefining Design Fashion Show–Part 3

  1. Hello Ming Siu
    Thank You for a Lovely photos!
    i was just wondering why cant i view all three Zoomed in i can only see one the last one and also would like to know if you have more then this 3 pics of the collections…. like the side View (as my pants have Detailing in side)….. can you please let me know about the Zoomed in pics too thank you!

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