The Heart Truth Fashion Show 2012

Part of The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s The Heart Truth campaign.  You can find out more details about the campaign at their website,

_DSC8281Jessi Cruickshank wearing Adrian Wu

_DSC8307Tamara Taylor wearing Mark Belford

_DSC8351Isabelle Maréchal wearing Anne De Shalla

_DSC8393Catriona Le May Doan wearing LOVAS

_DSC8418Natasha Gargiulo wearing Micalla

_DSC8449Divine Brown wearing Freda’s

_DSC8473Pascale Hutton wearing Paul Hardy

_DSC8507Susan Haskell wearing David Dixon

_DSC8550Jully Black wearing Lauren Bagliore

_DSC8578 Lauren Lee Smith wearing Ines Di Santo

_DSC8600Liza Fromer wearing Mallia

_DSC8639Jessica Steen wearing Joeffer Caoc

_DSC8665Ali Liebert wearing Momo

_DSC8689Angie Seth wearing Thien Le

_DSC8733Gabrielle Rose wearing Something Blue Vancouver

_DSC8767Lisa Ray wearing Farley Chatto

_DSC8821_DSC8845_DSC8868 Shannon Tweed-Simmons wearing Arthur Mendonça and Gene Simmons wearing Indochino


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