Fashion.Art.Toronto 2012

FAT 2012 – Fashion.Art.Toronto

Arts & Fashion Week

Links to all designers at a glance.

Day 1 LANDscapes

B.E. Shields – Isolated Incidents

Pat McDonagh Couture & The consortium: Maria Manceva, Dolly Sophie, Patricia Kowalski, Albert Yuen

Jade Sullivan Vallentyne - FAT2012
Jade Sullivan Vallentyne

MITRA Ghavamian - FAT 2012

Fashion Art Toronto 2012 Belinda VIsag presentation
Belinda Visag

FAT2012 runway featuring Armour by Seema
Armour by Seema

FAT2012 - Angela Sum
Angela Sum

FAT2012 Asphyxia

FAT2012 - Little.White.Dress

FAT2012 Chic Edge Fashion Studio
Chic Edge Fashion Studio

FAT2012 - Mackenzie Jones
Mackenzie Jones featuring Danielle Cameron

Day 2 CITYscapes

FAT2012 - Rachel Sin
Rachel Sin

FAT2012 - DeMOYO

FAT2012 - Wani by Sakai Philip
Wani by Saki Philip


Esther Perbandt

BE Shields

Victory & Vice

Raji Aujla


Dilly Daisy



Phoenix Vintage

Day 3 BODYscapes


Body Part Clothing


Worth by David C Wigley

Briar Rose

House of Etiquette

Cinched Tight Closets

Starkers Corestry

Jade Kinrade

Pope Joans

Pact Fashion

Day 4 FUTUREscapes

Wallace Playford

Hypoxia by Pippa Latex

Haphazard, TORMENTED

Artifice Clothing

Pedram Karimi

Human Nature by Kallvis Gents


Von Bardonitz

Garde Del Avante

Dystropolis by wendy ng

Syuzanna Slastion

Happy V. Andrada - FAT2012
Happy V. Andrada

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