District: Ryerson Fashion Collection

District: Ryerson Fashion Collection is a show featuring designs by Ryerson School of Fashion design students.  The collections are presented under 5 different scenes.

Scene 1 Twisted Desires

Designers, from Top Left:
1 Elisha Moses,  2 Ryan Amore, 3Sandra Vukovic, 4 Som Kong, 5 Allison Rand,
6 Caitlin McGillivray, 7 Jacqueline Tong, 8 Carly Fung, 9 Sisi Ki,
10  Adrianna Hill, 11 Jacqueline Tong, 12 Rebecca Tan, 13 Padina Ahmadier-Bondar


Scene 2 Bliss

Designers, from Top Left:
1 Mary Stratton, 2 Kelly Fitzpatrick,3 Rani Kim, 4 Carly Cumpson, 5 Lydia DeVries,
6 Sam Kong, 7 Luan Zhang


Scene 3 Armored Goddess

Designers, from Top Left:
1 Amanda Lindberg, 2 Theresa Wilson, 3 Alysia Myette, 4 Adrianne Hill, 5 Amy Tahmizian, 6 Kristina Cartmill,
7 Blaise Cracker, 8 Diana Dan Li, 9 Amy Bewyck, 10 Brianne Foster, 11 Som Kong,
12 Malia Janveaux, 13 Hamish Thwaites

More to come…


Scene 4 All That Jazz

Scene 5 Femme


Ryerson University School of Fashion


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