PSALMS x ZIMELE–Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Psalms 91:1 Accessories present 2013 Spring / Summer “The Zimele Collection” at Gladstone Hotel.

The event is an exhibition of “The Zimele Collection”, along with Live entertainment, sweets and drinks, along with a pop up shop to support the women of South Africa.

“The Zimele Collection” is a collaboration between Zimele, an organization that raise awareness and gain support across Canada to help Zimele communities become self sustainable through implementation of appropriate localized programs, and Psalms 91:1 Accessories, a brand of designer jewellery founded in Canada by Sally Han.

This collection are all handcrafted using a combination of different materials such as metal, gold, silver, brass, copper, yarn, agate, pearl, seed, acrylic, rose quartz, stone, quartz, silk, crystal and glass to create each piece.

To help the Zimele Community, the pop up shop will donated 15% of the day’s sale from Shop for Jayu collections and all craftwork created by Zimele Crafts to the Zimele Community in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.


Thanda & Lundy earring and Umakhi necklace
The Bough earring (L), The Branches earring (R) and Inyoni necklace
‘ The Zimele’ necklace and Dubran bracelet
‘A Seperation’ necklace
Enigma necklace

The pop up shop, decor and live music performance during the event.


The Zimele Collection in detail:

Brave Love
Brave Love
Thanda & Lundy
Thanda & Lundy
Thanda & Lundy
Thanda & Lundy
The Zimele Necklace
The Zimele Necklace
Inyoni necklace
Inyoni necklace and Umakhi necklace
Inyoni necklace
‘A Separation’ necklace
Umakhi necklace
Muse necklace
Enigma necklace
Enigma necklace
Still Tree installation with ‘The Bough’, “The Branches” earrings and “Enigma” necklace

Rooms are setup to showcase individual piece, each with a different theme.

‘A Separation’ necklace in the ‘Black & White’ Room
Still Tree installation with ‘The Bough’, “The Branches” earrings and “Enigma” necklace
Inyoni and Umakhi necklaces

For more information:
Psalms 91:1 Accessories

Zimele Canada


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