WMCFW Canadian Catwalk Fall2013-Miz by Izzy Camilleri

At World MasterCard Fashion Week, Izzy Camilleri unveiled her latest ready-to-wear collection, The Miz collection.  Designer Izzy Camilleri mentioned this collection’s inspiration comes from styles from the ‘40s and ‘50s and is geared to the female baby boomer.  Materials used in this collection includes jersey, stretch wool twill and fzux leather.



Dress List (from left to right, top to bottom)

1. Black Coat with Silver Fox Collar, Houndstooth Shell Top.and Houndstooth Straight Leg Pant
2. Black Faux Leather & Matte Jersey Dress
3. Houndstooth Cropped Capeletwith Black Fur Collar and Black Matte Jersey Column Dress
4. Houndstooth Cropped Swing Jacket with Magnetic Closure and Houndstooth Pencil Skirt
5. Black Madrid Suiting Strapless Jumper and Black Faux Leather Cropped Capelet
6. Black Madrid Suiting Fitted V-Neck Dress with Tulip Hem
7. HoundstoothCocoon Coat with Magnetic Closure, Black Matte Jersey Turtleneck and Black Matte Jersey Calf Length Skirt
8. Grey Madrid Suiting Strapless Full Circle Skirt Dress with Black Fur Shawl
9. Black Madrid Suiting ¾ Length Coat with Magnetic Closure and Black Double Knit Legging with Black Faux Leather
10. Grey Madrid Suiting Cropped Jacket with Black Faux Leather Detail & Magnetic Closure and Grey Madrid Suiting Skirt with Black Faux Leather Detail
11. Mauve, Grey & Black Chiffon Blouse with Faux Leather Collar & Cuff Detail and Black Madrid Suiting Skirt with Black Faux Leather Contrast
12. Black Double Knit Tunic with Black Faux Leather Yoke
13. Mauve, Grey &Black Chiffon Shirt Dress with Faux Leather Collar & Cuff Detail and Black One-Piece Bodysuit
14. Black Double Knit Fitted Dress
15. Black Wool A-Line Coat with Funnel Collar
16. Nude Sequin Snakeskin Top with Chestnut Fur Scarf and Camel Wool Pencil Skirt
17. Brown Madrid Suiting Capelet Fitted Dress
18. Camel Wool Tunic
19. Brown Madrid Suiting Short Sleeve Jacket with Magnetic Closure, Chestnut Fur Collar and Brown Full Circle Skirt
20. Camel Cocoon Coat and Nude Sequin Snakeskin Pencil Skirt
21. Black & Stone Matte Jersey Side Cape Dress
22. Slate Matte Jersey Tunic and Black Matte Jersey Top with Black Faux Leather Sleeves
23. Black, Slate& Stone Colour Blocked Matte Jersey Tunic
24. Black Matte Jersey One Sleeve Dress
25. Pink &Silver V-Neck Snakeskin Brocade Top and Pink &Silver Snakeskin Brocade Pant
26. Black Matte Jersey Long Dress and Black Matte Jersey Cape
27. Pink &Silver Snakeskin Brocade Cape Dress

For more information:

Izzy Camilleri

World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto


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