George Brown College Verve 2013 Fashion Show

Verve 2013 is George Brown College’s year end showcase for the students from Fashion Studies program.  There are more than 100+ outfits in the show and we will bring all of them here in upcoming installments in

Part 1:

Scene 1: Summer / Floral 

Scene 2: Swim / Beach (Updated May 9, 2013)

Scene 3: Black & White (Updated May 20, 2013)

Scene 4: Leather (Updated May 20, 2013)

Part 2:

Scene 5: Street (Updated June 8, 2013)

Scene 6: Business (Updated June 8, 2013)


Part 3:

Scene 7: Cocktail (Updated Sept 25)


Scene 8: Lingerie (Updated Sept 25)


Scene 9: Coats (Updated Sept 25)


Scene 10: Competitions 2013

Scene 11: Evening / Bridal

For more information:

George Brown School of Fashion Studies


5 thoughts on “George Brown College Verve 2013 Fashion Show

    1. We appreciate your patience. We have to slow down a bit in the past 2 months to work on other non-fashion assignments and life events, we should be back in full throttle shortly. As a matter of fact, we were working on a few more scenes from the Verve 2013 last few days and they are up on the site now. Cheers.

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