Kate Spade Toronto’s Yorkville store opening

Kate Spade opened their Canadian flagship store in Yorkville and we attended the opening event with co-host Elle Canada.  The  evening is packed with guests, DJ and foods, along with Kate Spade’s latest collection of bags, shoes, clothing, jewellery and accessories.

2013-06-20 19.57.562013-06-20 19.51.512013-06-20 19.52.102013-06-20 19.49.132013-06-20 19.58.49DSC_50542013-06-20 19.59.012013-06-20 19.56.42

2013-06-20 19.49.232013-06-20 20.16.48DSC_50622013-06-20 19.47.48DSC_50392013-06-20 19.54.012013-06-20 19.48.54

DSC_5058DSC_5055DSC_50562013-06-20 19.59.332013-06-20 19.50.082013-06-20 19.50.43

2013-06-20 20.00.08DSC_5060DSC_50632013-06-20 19.58.33

Kate Spade website: www.katespade.com


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