Ottawa Fashion Week SS14 series–KAVI KAVI

Kavi Kavi designer Dipika Gupta presented her new ready-to-wear collection during Ottawa Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014. The new collection in black, white, blue, and red, embellished with Indian hand-embrodiery details.

OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2121 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2134 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2153 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2170 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2182 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2199 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2235 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2247 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2272 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2282 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2294 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2313 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2326 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2345 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2363 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2390 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2401 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2416 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2432 OFWSS14-KaviKavi-_DSC2479



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