TWICE.Fashion Event

Ryerson School of Fashion, Class of 2016, Second Year Fashion Design Projects.

This is a event put together by The School of Fashion 2nd year students, featuring designs from their pant, suit and evening wear projects.

We are bringing you some of the highlights from the evening, enjoy.


There are more than 30 designer students participated this evening, and here are a few of them, along with their designs.

TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090425 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090416 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090413 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090412 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090408 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090390 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090389 TWICE-Fashion-Event-2014-P5090467



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