Academy of Design at The Creativ Festival

Designs by graduates from the Academy of Design Fashion Design Diploma  was showcased in a runway show during The Creativ Festival Toronto designer style awards gala.  In total, more than 60 designs by 12 student designers were shown.

Joanna Mariano

Asleen Lee

Aroosh Chaudry






Zaal Noodjoumi

Nana Bediaka

Zoe Worsnop

Caroline Aguila

Cheryl Kocot

Jomana Allicock

Pauline Lam

Kat Zitnak

Gillian Curry-Treco


3 thoughts on “Academy of Design at The Creativ Festival

  1. Hey Ming,

    Just a correction….the first picture you have under Zaal Noodjoumi (the evening burnout gown) is by Aroosh Chaudhry. Thanks again for the post!

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