TOM*BeatleMania is a runway presentation, partner with  Toronto’s Historic Sites (operated by the City of Toronto), paying tribute to the 50th anniversary since the iconic band last performed in Toronto.  This is part of the  city’s “Beatles 50 T.O” week, which also included exhibits, concerts and events.

TOM*Beatlemania features 50 Bealtes-inspired looks from Canada’s Top Menswear designers.

Looks by: Christopher Bates, Philippe Dubuc, L’MOMO, Finezza – Au nom de l’Homme, Thomas Henry Made, Zane Barläs, shelli oh, XIAN designs, Joao Paulo Guedes, SWAM Canada, PEDRAM KARIMI, DiodatiJust Ta Designs, Kenneth Barlis, DALLA, Candace Daniela, O’KANA, Jason Meyers, RUDSAK, Hendrixroe, Caffery Van Horne.

Photo / text: Ming Siu


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