Design Forward 2017 Semi Final Runway Presentation

Design Forward is an award created by Fashion Take Action to showcase Canada’s sustainable Fashion.  For 2017, we have 10 semi-finalists, which they had to meet criteria of sustainability in area like fair trade, locally made, organic/sustainable or recycled fabrics, up-cycled or re-purposed, natural / non toxic dyes, zero waste and slow fashion in style.

10 semifinalists showcased 3 designs each, and 3 finalists will be chosen who will showcase on October 3rd at Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology and the winner will be announced.

Here are some of the highlights from the 10 semi finalists,

Omi Woods


Peggy Sue Collection


Stevie Crowne


Lisa Aviva



Eliza Faulkner

Triarchy Atelier Denim

TJ Indigo Clothing

Jennifer Glasgow

Bronwyn Seier

Congrats to Omi Woods, Triarchy & Peggy Sue Collection as they are the finalists and looks forward to their showcase in Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology in October.


text/photo: Ming Siu



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